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My Self Dr, Bhavik Jani, I am Ph.D. Astrology & Numerology.

Researcher on moles and planets, the Father of Astro Pyramid Numerology, and a Researcher and an astrologer. I got many awards in astrology and numerology as well. I started this blog to explain the importance and meaning of Angel’s number in our life.

I am both a numerologist and a spiritual advisor. I am very knowledgeable about angel numbers. Finding the right balance between being open to the universe and still sticking to my own truth has always been challenging. I never thought my objective would be to provide numerical assistance to others. I discovered that I have the capacity to use the energy of the Universe to heal and assist others.

My aptitude for numbers is strong. My desire to become a numerologist has given me the power to forge a path that will assist others in discovering their truth and achieving their objectives. Many people connect with both my reading/conviction counseling method and my healing Tarot coaching style.

bhavik jani astrologer


Bhavik Jani is one of the best astrologers in the country. He has two decades of experience in Vedic Astrology, has been with astrology and Vedic science for 15 years, and has over 50,000 consultations to his credit. He is gifted with great intuitive powers, which he considers a gift from God.

I’ve spent countless hours volunteering to help others. I have a strong conviction that what I say will benefit me. I’ve been known to pull off feats that some might not think are possible. When I was an adult, my voice would write, but when I was a child, my mind would speak. I have knowledge of dream, fortune, and spirit reading.

He believes that lousy karma that carries over from our past lives has the power to affect us in this life.


He is an expert in identifying such karma and proffers effective remedies. Astrology is a passion for Him.

Using the divine visions He receives while praying, he provides solutions to Him clients.

I Am also featured in the Newspaper as well.




His rich experience in Karmic Astrology, Medical Astrology, Electional Astrology, KP, Numerology, and Gemology enables him to identify the underlying cause of people’s problems and come up with the right solution

Consultant Him Directly by mail and phone number as well.

Mail: [email protected]

You can directly connect with me via Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/bhavik.jani.90

Phone Number: +919408392426